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What is the islaNet IT Support?

In islaNet, we don’t believe in quote for working hours or bonuses philosophy, because our vision is based on seeking quality for all our customers, and that is why we apply a policy “of continuous problems prevention.”

We anticipate problems before they arise to let our customers sleep peacefully. For this reason, we implemented a monthly maintenance fee of 8, 16 or 24 hours per day.

Why is it useful?

Having a professional IT Support means all your technical everyday problems solved with the appropriate tools in the shortest time possible.

With our services, you will have an entire external IT department working for your company. In this way you can take care of your customers and your business. Letting you leave in our hands all the computer management without having to worry about anything in our sector, we are a turnkey service for our customers.

What will I accomplish?

Professional guarantee, maximum productivity, IT latest technologies, all the best and up to date hardware and software technology solutions in record time.

Why us?

The Answer is simple: we look after your company exactly as if it were ours.

Because if your company is doing well, islaNet is doing well.
You are not our customer but our partner. We will fight at every step side by side to solve any situation with the best smiles and we also provide you the necessary peace of mind attitude to running your business.

We believe in results and not in promises.

Our methodology

1: Computer system Analysis
2: Preventive maintenance
3: Corrective maintenance

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