Internal and external network audits

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What is the Network Audit?

Computer audit is a process carried out by trained professionals, which consists of collecting, grouping and evaluating evidence to determine whether an information system:

  • Safeguards business assets
  • Maintains data integrity
  • Efficiently uses resources
  • Meets laws and regulations


What is its function?

Computer audit helps companies to verify the efficiency of the system they have established. Computer audit is essential to ensure that your system is always up and running correctly.


What will I accomplish?

Thanks to this analysis you will know if your system is working correctly, using the appropriate resources, and we will see if there are internal or external problems or barriers that are created within.

We study, segment and control traffic management in WLAN networks, using device access control and traffic monitoring.

Our methodology

1: Human structure analysis
2: Hardware analysis
3: Network traffic analysis
4: Hierarchy analysis
5: Implementation

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