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José Moreno, founder & CEO of the company, started the islaNet project in 2004. Today he has a professional team behind, which includes systems specialists, digital audits advisors, and digital marketing professionals.

At islaNet we provide comprehensive digital services for companies, analysing needs and providing customized solutions for every business.

islaNet philosophy is based on a Customer and User Centric attitude.
We focus on the requirements and needs of both our clients and their users.

We create customized projects for each of our clients because, in this way, you can focus exclusively on managing your own business and not to worry about the whole tech area.

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islaNet methodology

Our methodology is divided into four strategic areas:


Analysis and diagnosis

We analyse and diagnose the needs and requirements of your project based on your users and the relating technology to be implemented.



Every project is planned according to the technological areas involved.


Design and development

All processes are designed and developed in advance and all technologies are implemented in their different phases.



We are constantly testing, optimizing, and improving all the processes in order to enhance our services and products.

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Our gladiators

José Moreno


Santi Tonelli Punta

Head of Digital Marketing & Media

Paqui Delgado

Head of Administration

Bruno García Rosé

Digital Design

Alessandra Ribello

Social Media

Manuel Juan Rodríguez

Customer Advisor

Diego Lora Díaz

IT Manager

Carlos Larrarte Figueroa


Sergio Tomás


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